Wuhan September 20-22, 2017

Robert Wang, Ph.D., Professor. Before becoming a Research Fellow with the Spaceborne Microwave Remote Sensing System Department, Institute of Electronics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IECAS) in 2011, he joined the Center for Sensorsystems (ZESS), the University of Siegen, Siegen, Germany.

He was funded by “100 Talents Programme of The Chinese Academy of Sciences” in 2011, “National Ten Thousand Talent Program-Young Top-Notch Talent Program,” “National Natural Science Funds of China for Excellent Young Scholar” in 2014, and achieved “Zhao Jiuzhang Award for outstanding Young Science” in 2015.

He is head of the sensor development for the Twin-L SAR system. His current research interests include monostatic and multistatic SAR imaging and high-resolution spaceborne SAR system and imaging model.

Key Note of Prof. Robert Wang

Twin-L SAR: Terrain Wide-Swath Interferometric L-band SAR